Played @Song Title
18:24:30Xandria - DreamkeeperCurrent Song
18:21:15Wisdom - God Rest Your Soul
18:16:39Amberian Dawn - Magic Forest
18:13:00Wolfchant - Anthems Of Revenge
18:06:56Van Canto - The Bardcall
17:59:24Manowar - Gods Of War
17:54:40Vane - Edge Of Cutlass
17:48:37Zifir - Echoes From Nowhere
17:42:47W.E.B. - Dragona
17:33:48Cardiant - My Delusion
17:26:49Ypnos - Diary Of A Slave
17:22:32Rammstein - Mutter
17:13:03Monolith Cult - Kings Of All That's Lost
17:07:36Antipope - An Unconditional Ritual To Summon The Prince...
17:00:28Kuoleman Galleria - Ajan Hammas
16:53:12Sorrowful Land - The Night Is Darkening Around Me
16:45:34Alcyona - Osceola
16:39:38Squealer - Worlds Collide
16:33:53Black Sabbath - Wicked World
16:28:23Mind Of Doll - Walk The Night