Played @Song Title
20:43:45Sunfrost - Excuses Current Song
20:39:18Synapsyche - We All Suck
20:35:32LichtSinn - Gevater
20:31:50Noisuf-X - Blow This Pain Out Of Me
20:26:30Bhambhamhara - So Ne Schoene Welt (Eisfabrik Remix)
20:22:14Also - Druid s Daughter
20:16:55Dreamtime - The Broken Cross
20:12:22Reaxion Guerrilla - Sacrifice (Hexis Hard Tech Remix)
20:08:43Machinista feat. Toril Lindqvist - Wasted
19:58:05Ensiferum - Victory Song
19:54:05Xenturion Prime - Rise
19:48:53Suicide Commando feat. Jean-Luc De Meyer - The Pain That You Like (Orange Sector Remix)
19:48:33Henric De La Cour - Two Against One
19:43:37Kill Minus Nine - Burn Dystopia
19:40:22Murnau s Playhouse - Myopia
19:35:06Twisted Destiny - Love u. Hate (Question Mix By People Theatre)
19:29:42Theatre Of Hate - Anniversary
19:21:42Vampire Knight - Eternal Sorrow
19:17:10Mystified - Lick
19:12:38Ghosts Of Dawn - Immune (Live At Wgt 2015)