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Lustravi (US) - 'Cult of the Blackened Veil'

Genre - Avant-Garde Death Metal
Release Date - May 6th, 2016
Record Label - Obscure Musick (US)




Obscure Musick, an upcoming powerful entity from the US underground, deliver yet again. After putting out ground-shaking releases by Morgue Supplier ( and Ur Draugr ( , Obscure Musick delve into the black metal underground of the country and emerge with a gnarly, vicious force called Lustravi. Touted as playing 'ceremonial black metal' by the label, Lustravi propagate music that blends the best elements of American and Scandinavian black metal, the raw aggression with the soul-stirring depth, and come up with a debut album that will tug at the chains binding the growth of the genre without compromising on the essence. This upholds the spirit of the genre, hearkening back to bands from Horna to Krieg and bridging the gap by forging a sound that only the strongest can muster. The album is a lesson in evocative as well as forceful black metal, one that casts a spell
on you with repeat listens. 'Cult of the Blackened Veil' is ancient evil brought back to prime relevance by channeling the most powerful sounds from the genre. The dark ritual has commenced.

Album Line-up:

Morgan Weller - Vocals/Bass
Geoffrey McWhorter - Guitar
Cory Keister - Drums
Zachary Lee Cook - Guitar

Track list:

1. In Nomine Cultus (Intro)
2. Evil Incarnate
3. The Nineteenth Key
4. Salute To The Angels
5. Et Plebs Tua Laebitur In Te (Interlude)
6. Dona Nobis Chaum
7. The Rites Of The Goatchrist
8. Dreams Haunt My Sleep
9. O, Sanctifier
10. Terminus Est Aetas (Outro)
11. Sabrina

Obscure Musick Official Bandcamp (

Obscure Musick Official Site (

Obscure Musick Facebook (

Lustravi Facebook (

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