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Solinaris (Canada) - 'Deranged'

Genre - Avant-Garde Death Metal
Release Date - March  21st, 2016
Record Label - Cimmerian Shade Recordings (US)

Powerful underground entity Cimmerian Shade Recordings have signed some excellent acts of late and one among them is avant-garde band Solinaris, playing death metal with saxophone as an extra instrument. As if the music wasn't fascinating enough, the usage of saxophone adds a new dimension to the already refreshing death metal music that's on offer here. There's a lot happening on this record about a serial killer and the music perfectly captures the eccentricities, whims and audacious quality of it all. Death metal has been brilliantly contorted before by their peers in Gorguts, Cryptopsy, Augury and Neuraxis, but never in this style. It's time for a new revolution in the sub-genre and clearly Solinaris are leading with fantastic and innovative ideas on making it a reality. Have a peek into the future where death metal is as complex as urban life, with myriad possibilities and challenges, a parallel conflicting dimension of life, and an unrestrained level of progressive
thinking. 'Deranged' is a masterful album with a stunning new vision, ambition and expression.

Album Line-up:
Eric Labrie: Vocals and keys
Bernard Giroux: Acoustic guitars and solos
Jean-Daniel Villeneuve: Electric guitars and solos
Jonathan Piché: Fretless bass
Lucas Biron: Drums
Alexandra Lacasse: Saxophone





Track list:

1. Intro 01:29
2. Deranged 05:18
3. Torture Chronicles 04:10
4. Blind 04:30
5. Murder 07:28
6. Chloroform 05:32
7. Field Of Trees 06:28
8. November 03:36
9. Phobopath 05:29
10. Red Rain 05:27

Full Album Stream on Metal Injection (

Cimmerian Shade Recordings Bandcamp (

Cimmerian Shade Recordings Official Site (

Cimmerian Shade Recordings Facebook (

Solinaris Official Facebook (

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