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Neueste Videos
Lord Of Pagathorn Chapter VI
Total Views: 4
Project Pitchfork - Blood-Diamond (See Him Running)
Official "Blood-Diamond"-Video, taken from the 2014 album "BLOOD".
Filmed by The Silent View.
Cut and editing by Peter Spilles.

Total Views: 16
MEGAHERZ - Für Immer (Official Video)
Pre-order "Zombieland" now:

Total Views: 7
tunesofdawn "myfavouritecolour"
Taken from the new album "Final Departures" ,Release 18.10.2014,
directed by Annie Bertram (www.anniebertram.com)
Thanks to Annie Bertram, Maik Margraf, Christian Wietrzynski, Dennis Tolkemit.

18.10.2014 Berlin -Rockhaus
22.11.2014 Konstanz - Contrast
28.02.15 Dark Culture Festival - Schleswig


Total Views: 20
NITROGODS - "Rats and Rumours" (Official Video)
Taken from the album "Rats and Rumours" out on Steamhammer/SPV - Release Dates: Germany 17.10.2014 /// EU Oct. 20, 2014 - check www.nitrogods.de for tourdates and news
Total Views: 14
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Bandaufzählung nach Metalarten - Alphabetisch

Hier gibt es eine Auswahl an Metalbands, die nach den jeweiligen Metalarten aufgezählt sind. Die Anzahl der angegebenen Bands ist eingeschränkt und nicht komplett.

Black Metal ( Depressive - Atmospheric - Melodic - Ambient )

Darktrone, Emperor, Immortal, Satyricon, Dark Fortress, Vinterland, Funeral Mourning, Borknagar, Anti, Dornenreich (alte Alben), Summoning, Abyssmal Sorrow, Horde, Occult, Profanum, Dimmu Borgir, Trist, Silencer, Empyrium, Sear Bliss, Limbonic Art, Nortt, Dark Forest,Striborg, Crimson Moonlight, Iskald, Lengsel, Kilte, Shining, Dunkelgrafen, Minas Morgul, Sargeist, Nargaroth, Behemoth, Akercocke, 1349, Arcturus, Black Messiah, Deathspell Omega, Eminenz, Mirrorthrone, Khold, Impaled Nazarene, Nattefrost, Old Mans Child, Kampfar, Mystic Circle, Xasthur, Zorn, Ulver

Christlicher Metal ( Unblack - White Metal )


Stryper, Antestor, Mortification, Horde, Extol, Morphia, Narnia, Rob Rock, Virgin Black, Saviour Machine, Veni Domine, Immortal Souls, Deadly Blessing, Divinefire, Ultimatum, Crimson Moonlight, Lengsel, Drottnar, Bloodgood, Guardian, Whitecross



Hellshock, Hellbastard, Deviated Instinct, Extreme Noise Terror, Axegrinder, All Systems Fail, Anti System, Catharsis, Disorder, Heresy, Legion of Parasites, Unrast, The Pist, Murder Disco X, Hiatus, Audio Collaps, Confrontation, Assück, Axiom

Dark Metal


Alastis, Samael, Deamonarch, Hollenthon, Ajatarra, Before the Dawn

Death Metal ( Technical - Old School Death - Melodic )


Death, At the Gates, Carcass, Morbid Angel, Celtic Frost, In Flames, Morgoth, Atheist, Dark Tranquillity, Hypocrisy, Obituary, Bolt Thrower, Ildisposed, Benediction, Edge of Sanity, Amorphis (alte Alben), Immolation, Into Eternity, Asphyx, Behemoth, Amon Amarth, Bloodbath, The Crown, Deicide, Dismember, Eternal Dirge, God Dethroned, Gorefest, Vader, Pestilence, The Rotted, Sinister, Six Feet Under, Fleshcrawl, Unleashed, Vile

Doom Metal ( Drone - Epic - Death - Gothic - Stoner - Funeral )


My Dying Bride, Ahab, Candlemass, Shape of Despair, Cathedral, Saint Vitus, Evoken, Count Raven, Swallow the Sun, Memento Mori, Solitude Aeturnus, Trouble, Anathema (alte Alben), Paradise Lost (alte Alben), Funeral, Skepticism, Black Sheep of Nexus, Paramaecium, Goatlord, My Silent Wake, Unholy

Ethno Metal


Spi-Ritual, Betray My Secrets, Shiva In Exile, Harmahis, Tenochtitlan, Senmuth, Raxa, Orphaned Land

Folk Metal


Skyclad, Tyr, Trollfest, Vintersorg, Elvenking, Ensiferum, Battlelore, Arkona, Lumsk, Heidevolk, Skyforger, Thanateros, Primordial, Turisas, Cruachan

Fun Metal


Knorrkator, Tankwart, Onkel Tom Angerlripper, A.O.K., Donald Dark, Alkbottle, Beatalica, J.B.O., Randalica, Black Ingvars, Ten Masked Man

Funk Metal


Primus, Extreme, Faith No More, Firehouse, Blackeyed Blonde, Rage against the Machine, Spin Doctors, Incubus, Living Colour, Mordred, F.F.F., Fishbone

Gothic Metal


Paradise Lost, Tiamat, Darkseed, Type o Negative, Theatre of Tragedy, Dreadful Shadows, Lake of Tears, Evereve, The Sins of thy Beloved, Sirenia, Secret Discovery, Within Temptation (erste zwei Alben), Mortal Love, Entwine, Tristania, Poison Black, Crematory, Elis, To Die For, Unshine, Macbeth, Trail of Tears, After Forever

Grindcore ( Deathgrind - Goregrind )


Rotting Christ, Dying Fetus, Blood, Cattle Decapitation, Dead Infection, Impaled, Mortician, Misery Index, Inhume, Impaled, Antigama, Rotten Sound, The Rotted, Nasum, Extreme Noise Terror, Brain Drill, Terrorrizer, Brutal Truth, Dead, Repulsion, Impetigo

Classic Heavy Metal ( Hair - NwoBHM - True - Hard Rock - US Power )


Iron Maiden, DIO, Manowar, Motörhead, Judas Priest, Saxon, Unrest, Metalforce, Sacred Steel, Metal Church, Savatage, Riot, Crimson Glory, Virgin Steel, Warlord, Jag Panzer, Vicious Rumors, Liege Lord, Monster Magnet, Tank, Accept, U.D.O, Axxis, Rage, Running Wild, Axel Rudi Pell, W.A.S.P, Twisted Sister, Steeler (USA), Steeler (DE), Scorpions, Sanctuary, Raven, Pretty Maids, Mötley Crüe, Phantom Blue



Red Harvest, Ministry, Godflesh, Schnitt Acht, Blow, Srapping Young Lad, Miserry Loves Co., O.L.D., Testify, Puncture, Last Rites

Jazzcore ( Mathcore )


Fantomas, Naked City, Painkiller, NoMeansNo, The Dilinger Escape Plan, Arcanes Division, Doppler, Bakerton Group, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Psyopus, The Moonchild Trio, Between the Buried and Me, Converge, The Locust, Norma Jean, Sik Th, Ion Dissonance, Number 12 looks like You, The Arusha Accord, Training for Utopia, Botch, Rorschach, Kiss it Goodbye


Metalcore ( Deathcore )


Heaven Shall Burn, Killswitch Engage, Arson, BA“AL, Fall of Serenity, All that Remains, Bleed the Sky, As I lay Dying, Bring me the Horizon, Bullet for My Valentine, By Night, Darkest Hour, Diecast, Embrace the End, Bloodsimple, Hate Squad, It Dies Today, Maroon, On Broken Wings, Glass Casket, Pro-Pain, Shadows Fall, Stigmata, Unbroken, All Shall Perish, Carnifex, Bleed from Within, Suicide Silence, Emmure, My Bitter End

Mittelalter Metal


In Extremo, Subway to Sally, Haggard, Cultus Ferox, Tanzwut, Ingrimm

Neue Deutsche Härte


Rammstein, Oompf, Megaherz, ASP, Richthofen, Umbra Et Imago, Unheilig, Letzte Instanz, Eisbrecher, Atrocity, Samsas Traum

Nu Metal


Linkin Park, Korn, Slipknot, P.O.D., Limp Bizkit, Deftones, Coal Chamber, Breed 77, Insolence, Kittie, Mushroomhead, Red, Soulfly, Switched

Pagan Metal


Stormwarrior, Riger, Gernotshagen, Runic, Equilibrium, Graveland, Mithotyn, Menhir, Magog, Kawir, Isengard, Ensiferum, Bergtrohn, Arkona, Miasthenia, In The Woods, Black Messiah, Adorned Brood, Andras, Magane, Folkheim, Quest for Blood (Japan), Misogi (Japan), Narjahanam (Arabien), Al-Namrood (Arabien), Corubo (Indien), Zuriaake, Yn Gizarm (China)

Post Metal


Isis, Neurosis (zum Teil), Baroness, Dirge, Jesu, Pelican, Rosetta, Burst, Intronaut, Russian Circles, Mouth of the Architect, Long Distance Calling, Callisto, Cult of Luna

Power Metal ( EU Power - Epic Power )

Blind Guardian, Dragon Force, Helloween, Iced Earth, Freedom Call, Edguy, Rage, Savatage, Sonata Arctica, Virgin Steele, Kamelot, Masterplan, Gammaray, Avantasia , Crimson Glory, Helstar, Helion, Angel Dust, Primal Fear, Sanctuary, Storm Hammer, Warlord, Demons & Wizards

Progressive Metal


Queensryche, Fates Warning, Dream Theater, Watchtower, Symphony X, Eldritch, Elegy, Stratovarius (alte Alben), Ayreon, TOOL, Psychotic Waltz, Threshold, Lethal, King“s X, Thought Industry, Evergrey, Explorers Club, Age of Nemesis, Atomic Opera, Alchemist, Shadow Gallery, Adagio, Planet X, Voivod, Persefone, Mindflow, Warmen, Sylvan, Sieges Even

Symphonic Metal


Rhapsody (Rhapsody of Fire), Lucca Turilli, After Forever, Epica, Trail of Tears, Tristania, Sirenia, Therion, Within Temptation, Nightwish, Hollenthon, Macbeth, Xandria, Elis, Edenbridge, Dreams of Sanity, Battlelore, Angtoria, Leaves Eyes, Lacrimosa

Sludge ( Sludgecore - Sludge Doom )


Crowbar, Warhorse, Eye Hate God, Kylesa, Dystopia, Acid Bath, Bongzilla, Corosion of Conformity, Kingdom of Sorrow, Neurosis (erste Alben), Buzzoven, Down, Grief, Soulpreacher, Eye Hate God, Iron Monkey, Church of Misery, Heavy Lord

Thrash Metal


Exciter, Exodus, Metallica (80er Alben), Annihilator, Anthrax, Dark Angel, Destruction, Kreator, Exumer, Megadeth, Overkill, Pantera, Slayer, Sodom, Sepultura, Sacred Reich, Testament, Machine Head, Exhorder, Artillery, Coroner, Hades, Sadus

Viking Metal


Bathory, Falkenbach, Einherjer, Enslaved, Windir, Mithotyn, Ensiferum, Turisas, Manegarm, Nomans Land, Heidevolk, Finntroll, Black Messiah

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