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Epidemia (Ecuador) - 'Leprocomio'

Genre - Raw Death Metal
Release Date - May 15th, 2016
Record Label - Satanath Records (Russia)

South America is rife with some fantastic acts and while bands from Brazil and Chile are well documented, here's a gem of a band from a lesser known country that is Ecuador. As you would expect, the music is merciless, savage, and also oozing with talent. If you like old school death metal, the primal kind, you are bound to be satisfied. These guys invoke the spirits of bands like Sarcofago, Sepultura, Torturer, Sadism and come up with a form of music that's every bit as good. The band don't waste any time in intros or interludes, but for the duration of just over 35 minutes, clobber you to your rightful senses. There is something that's shaking the perception of metal in Ecuador, and Epidemia here couldn't be a better ambassador. They'll leap at you and tear your head off before you even think of a dismissive nod just because it's not from your favourite country, yet. 'Leprocomio' is an album that can stand head-to-head with your favourite old school album this year, with
the only difference being, they're brutal, vicious and unrelenting and won't pander to your prejudices.

Album Line-up:
Adrián Salazar - Vocals
Juan Cahuasquí - Guitar
Roberto Amores - Guitar
Daniel Murillo - Bass
Daniel Villarreal - Drums




Track list:

1. Leprocomio
2. Retribución Homicida
3. Redención Del Engendro
4. Miseria Introspectiva
5. Agonistes En El Inframundo
6. Cadáveres Poseídos
7. Necroticismo
8. Existencia Repulsiva

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Satanath Records Official Site (

Satanath Records Facebook (

Epidemia Official Facebook (

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